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Slim Shots

What is Slim Shot?

Lipotropics or slim shots are fat burning amino acids, substances that are naturally produced by the body. These chemicals help to remove toxins and waste from the liver, prevent cholesterol build up and metabolize fats.
The following ingredients are what make the Skinny Shot work:

Treatment Benefits

Nourish the Brain
Convert Nutrients to Energy
Boost Energy

Frequently Asked Questions

Your first IV therapy of NAD+ gives you results that last 4-14 days, depending on your condition and health goals. Patients report increased mental clarity following NAD+ infusions. The results of increasing your intracellular levels of NAD+ are a reversal of age-related cellular dysfunction as your good genes turn on.

Should you sign up for therapy, know that the entire process may take around 45 minutes. A trained medical professional inserts a catheter into your vein and starts the Myers’ Cocktail IV drip. Over the next 20 to 30 minutes, the healing serum flows into your body reaching the cells directly. Since the vitamins bypass the digestive system entirely, they have a more potent effect and work to rejuvenate your cells almost instantly. You can choose to get therapy once or twice a week and expect to see positive results after the fourth session. When you start to feel the beneficial effects waning, you can request for follow-up infusions. 

Patients getting Myers’ Cocktail IV therapy rarely have any side effects. All through the infusion, you’ll have a trained medical practitioner monitoring you. Possible after-effects can include slight soreness at the injection site and feelings of heat. Magnesium is known to work as a vasodilator or expands blood vessels. As a result, the infusion may lower your blood pressure levels causing light-headedness. If you have any of these signs, the doctor will lower the rate at which the serum enters your body. 
IV therapy containing Myers’ Cocktail can have many beneficial effects and boosts energy levels. Opt for the treatment and avail of its many positives. 

Once done, the Myers Cocktail can be administered and typically takes anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes to absorb.

After an IV infusion, the vitamins remain in your system and maintain your levels for 2-3 weeks.

The caring staff at Rejuline Skin and Body invites you to come in for a Slim Shot in Phoenix at a time that’s right for you. To learn more about this treatment call (623) 872-2600 or book your appointment online now.