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Vacuum Therapy (Butt Lifting)

Are you looking for a better way to improve your skin’s elasticity and reduce skin dimpling? Vacuum therapy offers an effective solution that can leave you with healthy, buoyant skin.

What is Vacuum Therapy?

Vacuum therapy is a noninvasive massaging technique that helps to lift your skin via a mechanical device equipped with suction cups. While it originally entered the market during the 1970s as a way to help treat burn scars, this treatment has evolved into a nonsurgical butt lift method.

Vacuum therapy is also known as vacuotherapy and depressomassage. Aside from purportedly offering similar effects to those of a surgical butt lift, the procedure is also sometimes used to mimic a traditional breast lift. Certain forms of vacuum therapy are also used for the treatment of cellulite.

Treatment Benefits

Tightens & Lifts muscles
Non-Invasive Sessions
No Recovery or Downtime
Better Blood & Lymphatic flow

Butt Lifting

At its core, vacuum therapy offers deep massaging effects. The procedure may work for buttock toning by:

When performed for several sessions on a weekly basis, you may notice that your skin is tighter and more toned. This can provide the appearance of a butt lift.

Frequently Asked Questions

The suction cups are usually held in place for 40 minutes before being removed from the treatment areas.

The skin won’t sustain any major damage other than some redness or bruising that should go away soon after treatment.

Vacuum therapy is a noninvasive procedure, so you can expect few to no side effects. However, you may feel slight pain and tightness after the procedure.

Since the procedure doesn’t involve any cutting or injections, you should be able to return to normal activities immediately following treatment.

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